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France years of disputes between two famous luxury company finally ended. The world's biggest luxury group LVMH (LVMH), which owns knockoff handbags numerous well-known brands, including Bulgari, Bulgari jewelry and Fendi, Fendi handbags, etc. Since 2007, LVMH secretly bought a rival Hermes (Hermes) 23% of the company, the move is controversial. From the size of LVMH has the upper hand slightly. On Wednesday, it agreed to give up their most hermes shares, and in the next five years will knockoff handbags no longer buy.

The agreement by the Commercial Court of Paris (ltd. Court of Paris), two luxury goods group in the replica designer handbags late Tuesday to agree, basically stopped the LVMH acquired the possibility of hermes. Hermes is now one of the few independent French luxury knockoff handbags goods companies, it has 177 years of history, more than $Birkin is famous for its (Birkin). Under the replica designer handbags terms fake designer handbags of the agreement, by the French billionaire Bernard arnault,

LVMH will control to the hermes shares held by the knockoff handbags shareholders dispatch, and the largest shareholder of moet hennessy Louis vuitton (LVMH) Dior, Christian Dior, assign shares changed hands put these hermes replica designer handbags to their own shareholders. fake designer handbags Bernard knockoff handbags Arnault, the family holding company Mr Arnault's group (Groupe Arnault) and one of the main investors of LVMH, the group will hold about fake designer handbags 8.5% of hermes shares. Two groups of executives said in a statement that is representative of the two of the relationship between the French company was restored feel satisfied. The agreement between the end of the last years of legal disputes. In 2010, LVMH disclose by equity swaps rather than direct buy stocks accumulated a 17% stake in hermes (equity swaps can make replica designer handbags LVMH accumulate equity) in a hidden way, the news, hermes and its controlling family very shocked. LVMH has replica designer handbags always fake designer handbags like to buy, in the past 20 years has acquired 60 brand, LVMH said its holding the friendly fake designer handbags attitude, and has no intention of buy-out hermes.

And hermes whose proprietor Bertrand skin YouChe sceptical of this claims, the company's main competitors have become its largest outside investor, this made him very angry. Last year, France's securities regulator for financial markets authority (AMF) for LVMH fined, the reason is not appropriate to disclose for hermes stake. knockoff handbags According to Bloomberg (Bloomberg) citing unnamed sources, reported LVMH stake in hermes will bring about 3 billion euros to its return on capital. The two companies, said the dispatch of hermes shares will be completed before December 20, 2014.